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Invoice in Latvian extension extends the default functionality of OpenCart invoice by adding invoice in Latvian, regardless of the language in which the order was made. As well as custom field support (owner and customer), due date support and sending PDF invoice on-demand

See below the example of the invoice.


Install the * file via the extension installer.

Go to Extensions -> Extensions -> [Select] Modules -> [Install] Ⓟ Latvia Invoice.


Go to Extensions -> Extensions -> [Select] Modules -> [Edit] Ⓟ Latvia Invoice. The following form will open:

  1. Status - set to Enabled to activate extension.

  2. Invoice send status - select if invoice will be sent automatically or you prefer manual sending of the invoice.

  3. Your company data that will be visible on the form. Leave field empty, if you do not wish to show it on the invoice.

  4. Due date (days) - will show the due date on the invoice after the set number of days. Leave it empty if you do not wish to show due date on the invoice.

  5. Choose custom field for company name - custom field that you have created for company name.

  6. Choose Latvian language - choose your online store that have Latvian language.

  7. Footer data - will show at the very end of the invoice.


You can open a printable Invoice in Latvian from Orders list by selecting the order and pressing on the Invoice in Latvian icon.

You can also open printable Invoice in Latvian from View order page by pressing the Invoice in Latvian Icon.

You can send Invoice in Latvian from the View order page Add Order History section. First check the Notify customer checkbox, then Send invoice checkbox.


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