Journal 3 Translation Tool Extension for OpenCart 3.x

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Short Description

This tool exports Journal 3 localization variables into CSV file, which you can then edit in spreadsheet, do the translations and then import back translated text. It will help you to identify the translations that otherwise might go missing, for example, some messages that you forgot to configure.


  1. Make a backup of store files and database before you install the module.

  2. Go to admin Extensions -> Extension Installer and upload file

  3. Refresh modifications - go to Extensions > Modifications and click the Refresh button at the top right of the page.

  4. Go to admin Extensions -> Extensions -> [Modules] -> Journal3 translate tool and click "Install" .

  5. Find "Journal3 translate tool" and click "Edit".

  6. Tip: if you want Google to help you with automated translations you can use google spreadsheet where you need to import the file and then use GOOGLETRANSLATE formula. For example: =GOOGLETRANSLATE(E17, "en", "lv") for translation from English to Latvian

  7. Backup the database before importing Journal translations.

  8. Click on the tab “For translated” and then click the import button to import the translated text.

  9. Refresh the Journal cache

Make sure you do not configure/do translations in Journal while you are translating the spreadsheet, otherwise, the changes done in the store will be lost after the import of spreadsheet.

Note: Please do the **backup** of your database before importing back the translations. Who knows what can go wrong. If something has been translated or changed in the Journal modules while you were translating, the changes will be lost!

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