Latvian Language Pack Extension For OpenCart 2.x

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Short Description

This extension provides a Latvian language pack for OpenCart 2.x - full translation (catalog + admin).


  1. As always, first make file and database backup.

  2. In your store admin panel go to Extensions -> Extension Installer.

  3. Upload file. If you already have installed this language pack you will have information about files that will be overwritten.

  4. Go to System -> Localisation -> Languages.

  5. Add a new language by pressing Insert. Fill in the fields with the following values:

    • Language Name: Latviešu

    • Code: lv

    • Locale: lv_lv.UTF-8,lv,latvian

    • Status: Enabled

    • Sort Order: 1 or any other number

  6. Click on Save

  7. If you wish to use the Latvian language in the admin panel or set the Latvian language as store default, then

    • go to System --> Settings and Edit your default store.

    • go to tab Local and edit entries Language and Administration language and change to Latviešu.


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